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Issue 25 Cover
Issue 25  /  May–July 2004
Come Together!
The Power of Collective Intelligence
“Come Together! The Power of Collective Intelligence,” introduces you to what many are calling the next step in human evolution and asks: Could collective intelligence be the foundation for the next social and spiritual revolution? Also featuring Ken Wilber, Duane Elgin, Howard Bloom, Michael Murphy, and many others.

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Come Together:
The Mystery of Collective Intelligence

Is it possible for groups to access a level of wisdom far beyond what is available to individuals? WIE takes an in-depth look at the miraculous phenomenon of collective consciousness that many feel is the next step in human evolution.

Craig Hamilton

the soul of teamwork The Soul of Teamwork

WIE talks with legendary NBA coach Phil Jackson about group intelligence, the spiritual key to basketball.

Ross Robertson

The Science of Collective Consciousness

More and more people are talking about this phenomenon but is there any scientific research to back it up?

Robert Kenny

the beatles

A Kind of Innocence We'd Never Seen Before:
Thoughts on the Grateful Dead, the Beatles, and Collective Consciousness

When huge audiences voyage together through rock and roll heaven, where are they going, and what does it all mean?

Ross Robertson

The Café at the Beginning of the Universe
One of today’s most imaginative minds plays cosmic (and comic) tour guide through the formative moments of the universe, hinting at wild surprises yet to come.

Howard Bloom

Preachers of a New Pentecost
Connie Barlow and Michael Dowd are traveling the ancient missionary path with a radical new message: The science of evolution may be the key to a worldwide spiritual revival.

Carter Phipps


the guru and the pandit
The Guru and the Pandit
Following the Grain of the Kosmos: States, Stages, Selves, and the Directionality of Development

Who are we and how do we evolve? In their latest dialogue, these pioneers of a new worldview explore the transformative power of the Authentic Self and reach for the miraculous collective potentials that lie on the horizon.
Beyond Limits:
27,000 Miles to Buddhahood

The Tendai monks of Mount Hiei take the ultramarathon to a whole new level.
Not Just A Book Review:
The Vanguard Generation

Can two recent books about young people and spirituality—Dharma Punx and Red Moon Rising—help Gen Y overcome irony and apathy in order to save the world?

sky to street
consciousness rising
Consciousness Rising
A growing number of scientists and scholars are determined to understand one of life’s most elusive mysteries.
Go With Your Gut
Science finds new evidence for gut instincts.
Fairway to Heaven
The bestselling genre of golf and spirituality is heading to Hollywood.
News, gossip, and rumors from an emerging culture.
Postcards from the Galactic Edge
A few scientists are trying to determine how to teach extraterrestrials the ABCs of human culture.
The Fundamental Urge of the Universe
Human potential pioneer Michael Murphy sounds off on the new evolutionary worldview.
A New Challenge for Interfaith
Christian monk Wayne Teasdale has a plan for how to deal with Al-Qaeda. (Hint: It doesn’t involve invading anyone.)

voices from the edge
collective awakening
Our Collective Awakening and the Politics of Consciousness

According to evolutionary activist Duane Elgin, the most vital determining factor in our collective awakening is not mystical experience . . . it’s television.

Duane Elgin

Eye on the Future
We know who you are: human scanners, memory reading, genetic engineering, and the coming loss of anonymity.
John Petersen
What Future for Muslim Identity?
The Muslim world stands at a crossroads, and the future of the planet may rest on which direction it takes: confrontation or its own cultural and religious heritage of tolerance and peace.
Dr. Munawar Anees
The Requiem Scenario
Exclusive excerpt from Presence: Human Purpose and the Field of the Future, a groundbreaking new book about the dynamics of human transformation.
Peter Senge, Claus Otto Scharmer, Joseph Jaworski, and Betty Sue Flowers

Natural Selection
books, film, and other media
A 21st Century Love Story - Part II
Humor and drama abound as our star-crossed duo, Evan McAllister and Ella Paris, confronts matters of depth, death, and stuff.

Enlightenment For The 21st Century
The New Enlightenment
Andrew Cohen