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Our international network of members is committed to supporting a revolution of the human spirit. By becoming a member of EnlightenNext, you become part of a global network of like-minded individuals who share your commitment to change, to creating a new future for us all.

Your membership in EnlightenNext supports a wide variety of programs and publications throughout the world:

Voices from the Edge is an international speakers forum featuring talks, dialogues, and panel presentations by thought leaders and luminaries working at the edge of their fields across a broad cultural front.

Our online multimedia website WIE Unbound interviews, catalogs, archives, records, and presents these global thought leaders, bringing them to an even wider audience.

EnlightenNext members not only support but also receive a subscription to the award-winning quarterly publication What Is Enlightenment?, a spiritual, cultural, and philosophical magazine committed to bringing a new perspective to politics, business, science, the arts, and the environment.

Through these and many others offerings, EnlightenNext members support our ongoing commitment to creating a new future for us all.

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EnlightenNext was founded in 1989 by Andrew Cohen. He is also the founder and editor-in-chief of What Is Enlightenment? magazine and an acclaimed author widely recognized as a defining voice in the emerging field of evolutionary spirituality. A life-changing awakening in 1986 brought him to the end of his own search for liberation, while simultaneously starting him on an exploration of the meaning and significance of enlightenment for our time. This has led Cohen to a profound investigation of the human predicament and into dialogue with sages, saints, and spiritual luminaries from nearly every tradition.

In 1992, Cohen released the first issue of What Is Enlightenment?, expanding his own inquiry through the public forum of a magazine and pioneering an innovative form of spiritual journalism. Over the last decade in the pages of WIE, Cohen has brought together leading thinkers—mystics and materialists, philosophers and psychologists—to call for a higher and wholly contemporary synthesis of the truths arising from the spiritual traditions of the East and the empirical rigor of the West.

Through the magazine and his writings, Cohen is creating a new context for understanding enlightenment as a human evolutionary imperative. Together with a growing network of integral visionaries, he is helping to define a culture of thought that places spiritual transformation at the center of a new vision for transforming the world.

We have to move forward. And in order to do so, we have to find a way to define a new moral, ethical, philosophical, and spiritual canon—one that will enable more and more of us at the leading edge to face the future together. In order for this to occur, we have to begin to think out loud about what the fundamental tenets of such a canon would be. We have to be willing to stretch our capacity for thoughtful consideration in ways that embrace not only the past and present but, more importantly, the future we need to create. We need to cultivate the capacity to reach beyond what we already know so we can begin to envision a future that has yet to be imagined.

Founder of EnlightenNext Andrew Cohen