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Peter Ragnar is the author of How Long Do You Choose To Live? A Question Of A Lifetime. He is also a modern-day shaman, Taoist wizard, natural life scientist, and self-master par excellence. Ragnar lives in the Tennessee mountains with his wife, and claims to be a “senior citizen” but refuses to give away his age because he “doesn't believe in it.” He does strenuous two-hour strength-training workouts seven days a week and performs record-breaking feats, has been a martial arts practitioner for over fifty years, and has developed his own version of Taoist energy practice called “Magnetic Qi Gong,” which he claims is the key to immortality. He has healing powers and is renowned for his clairvoyant and telepathic abilities. He lives on a strict diet of raw foods and juices and has spent a lifetime studying the relationship between the body and the mind at all levels. And his most remarkable attainment is his profound awakening to the energetic dimension, or “bio-electric-magnetic” field, of life. Peter's most compelling and inspiring message is his steadfast and passionate call to self-mastery based upon the relentless cultivation of intention. This foundational element of his teaching is clearly a contemporary expression of the great American New Thought tradition, championed in the early twentieth century by Napoleon Hill, author of the all-time bestseller Think and Grow Rich, and later by Norman Vincent Peale, known for his widely acclaimed, inspirational classic The Power of Positive Thinking.

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How Long Do You Choose To Live? A Question Of A Lifetime.
Roaring Lion Publishing Company (2001)
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