Over the course of nearly two decades, Andrew Cohen—an internationally recognized spiritual teacher and the creative force behind What Is Enlightenment? magazine—has redefined the meaning and significance of enlightenment for the modern age. Now, for the first time, this CD collection presents Cohen's revolutionary teaching, which he calls Evolutionary Enlightenment, in its entirety.

The New Enlightenment explores topics including:

  • What “enlightenment” means in the twenty-first century
  • How to distinguish between the authentic self and the ego
  • Entering the “ground of being” through meditation
  • Discovering a collective intelligence that lies beyond the individual
  • Evolutionary Enlightenment as the end of spiritual narcissism
  • Walking the spiritual path—The Five Fundamental Tenets of Enlightenment

And more...

Andrew Cohen

Andrew Cohen has been leading a revolution in consciousness since his own life-altering awakening in 1986. His penetrating insight, unwavering honesty, and willingness to challenge “conventional” spiritual assumptions have awakened thousands to their own untapped potential for transformation.

“Rarely have I encountered such simple, searing wisdom connecting religious ideas about enlightenment with the scientific understanding of an evolutionary cosmos.”
Brian Swimme, Ph.D.

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The Evolutionary Context (4 min) Creating the Future —
A New Moral Theology (8 min)
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