IN MEMORIUM - Barry Long, 1926-2003

Barry Long, self-described tantric master, whose unique and original approach to tantra has graced our pages several times, passed away in December in Australia. He was 77 years old.

In his 40 years of teaching work, Barry stood out as a singular expression of integrity and independence. In the midst of a spiritual world that so often dilutes and diffuses the radical message of most enlightenment traditions, he never failed to remind his listeners that to live a truly spiritual life demands everything from us. His own down-to-earth, Western interpretation and expression of the ancient teachings of tantra stripped them of the esoteric trappings that often become a hideout for sophisticated Western egos, and he always included the moral demand to make the spiritual dimension of life visible—in the way we relate to each other and the way that we live. Barry Long was a passionate lover—of women, of people, of life, and of the earth. We will remember with deep respect his fiery, generous spirit and his steadfast care for Love and Truth.

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