About What Is Enlightenment? Magazine

What Is Enlightenment? magazine doesn't shy away from life's really big questions. Each of the four issues that we put out annually explores a critical aspect of living a spiritual life now in our complex, conflicted, and rapidly changing world. Our ongoing inquiry has made it increasingly clear that spiritual transformation is actually a human evolutionary imperative—central to any vision of changing this out-of-control world we are living in. In short, we're endeavoring to map the emerging field of a wholly twenty-first-century spirituality.

Since its founding eleven years ago by spiritual teacher Andrew Cohen, WIE has gone through quite a transformation. It's hard to believe that the 160+ page magazine that is now acclaimed as "the most exciting and provocative spirituality magazine available" started in 1992 as twenty pages in newsletter format. We've pioneered an innovative form of investigative journalism, creating a forum for the visionaries who are defining the leading edge of human possibility. Each issue provides an in-depth, integral view on the most profound questions about human life: What is ego—friend or foe? Can science enlighten us? Is sex more important than God? Here in our online magazine you can explore all of the topics that have compelled us by going to our complete archive of back issues.

As we move into our second decade, WIE is charting new territory. We're creating (and introducing to our readers) a network of inspired individuals bringing innovative perspectives to the challenges of our global situation. Our aim is to catalyze a new culture of thought that integrates our highest spiritual aspirations with the demand to transform the world. Join us—subscribe today and join the evolution revolution!