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Issue 38  /  October–December 2007
Ecology, Politics, and Consciousness
Rebooting Environmentalism for the Twenty-First Century
Will a new environmental movement's fearless embrace of technology and human ingenuity help pave the way to a “bright green” future? Does integral philosophy have what it takes to solve the seemingly impossible puzzle of global politics? Can the human potentials currently being discovered at the leading edge of consciousness help guide the way? WIE explores these provocative questions—and others—in an attempt to envision a truly life-positive twenty-first-century world. Featuring Ken Wilber, Steve McIntosh, Thomas de Zengotita, Jim Marion, and more.

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Andrew Cohen

A Brighter Shade of Green:
Rebooting Environmentalism for the Twenty–First Century

Environmentalists have long seen the march of human progress as the source of our planet’s ecological woes. But is Mother Nature really better off without us? Meet the heralds of the next great environmental revolution, who dare to say that the brightest promise for a radically sustainable future lies in harnessing the power of human creativity—and technology—to remake the world.

by Ross Robertson

An interview with Steve McIntosh

Integral Politics Comes of Age

What happens when you mix the powerful theory of integral philosophy with the intractable troubles of our global society? That’s the question we asked businessman turned philosopher Steve McIntosh, and he responded with a bold and provocative analysis of the relationship between the evolution of consciousness and the evolution of culture—from Russia to Rwanda to the Republican party. Ranging across the geopolitical spectrum, this interview is political punditry unlike anything you’ve ever seen on CNN.

by Carter Phipps


The Leading Edge of the Leading Edge

Andrew Cohen and Ken Wilber

Where is the evolution of consciousness and culture taking us? What is the furthest edge of development today? Andrew Cohen and Ken Wilber explore the qualities and potentials of a barely emerging set of higher structures in consciousness that are often referred to as “third tier.”

The Death of the Mythic God

Is God a delusion? Is religion on its way out? Not so fast, says Jim Marion, a former Catholic monk turned interfaith mystic—that’s only part of the story. In this groundbreaking interview, Marion deconstructs old-time mythic religion and then sets our sights on a new vision of an evolutionary spirituality.

Interview by Carter Phipps

Music for an Integral World

Acclaimed guitarist and producer Corrado Rustici explains his vision of the future of music: more interactive, less narcissistic, and integral all the way.

Interview by Andrew Cohen

PULSE: the buzz on global leaders, thinkers, teachers, and mystics

The religions of Second Life; the Dawkins Delusion; top 10 gurus of YouTube; Sharon Stone gets integral; the Suicide Dictionary; U.G. Krishnamurti; Buddhist geeks; and more . . .

Which Came First: The Chicken or the Big Bang?

New explanations for why the cosmos is perfectly suited to life are cropping up every day, and some are far stranger than others.

by Tom Huston

Reviving the Russian Soul

The surprising success of spiritual films in Russia reveals a longing for depth in post-Soviet culture.

by Mike Kauschke and Elizabeth Debold

A New Perspective for Palestine

Don Beck and Elza Maalouf are bringing the wizardry of Spiral Dynamics to the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

by Igal Moria and Elizabeth Debold

Get a (Second) Life?

by Thomas de Zengotita

Natural Selection

Reviews of books, film, and other media

A Letter to Our Readers

from WIE Senior Editor Elizabeth Debold

It’s Hard to Be Happy!

by Andrew Cohen