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Does the Food You Eat Attract Disaster?

by Peter Ragnar

It was too gruesome to watch. Mary and Sally didn’t. Frozen at their desks, arms locked, with ashen faces, they were devastated at the proposed experiment. The other students had mixed emotions. Some even callously giggled as our biology teacher decapitated the frog. Some screamed as the headless frog suddenly jumped into the throng of teenagers. I didn’t realize what it was that made the frog flee from the source of danger. Well, first consider this discovery from cell biology about cultured cells in a petri dish. They will move away from any danger, such as a drop of toxin. They will also move toward any nurturing substance placed in the dish. All single-celled organisms must protect themselves. Likewise, they must also grow in order to live. The problem is, they can’t do both at the same time.

What allows for the movement of these single-celled organisms? It is their proteins’ electromagnetic charges that are responsible for their behavior. The same is true for plants and people. Cluster cells together and you get multicellular organisms with genes: plant genes, insect genes, worm genes, human genes, etc. Science has discovered that there is little difference between the total number of genes found in humans and those found in primitive organisms. In fact, we have the same number as a rodent! The new science of epigenetics has determined that a cell’s intelligent behavior is a result not of genes but of signals received by receptor proteins on the surface of the cell’s skin or membrane. These stimulate the cell to move by way of its effector proteins. The life of the cell is in its awareness. To evolve, it must grow. In order to grow, it must instantly act on the environmental signals it receives.

Likewise, with you and me, the more conscious our cells become of environmental signals, the faster we evolve. Just like the decapitated frog, we have a built-in biological system that seeks life. Unfortunately, we have instructed our receptor proteins to accept our eventual physical demise. Your taste buds are governed by your beliefs, and how long you choose to live is governed by what you put into your body.

Your health is directly governed by the proportion of time that you spend in survival versus growth mode. The same is true for the foods you eat. Healthy plants have no need to protect themselves from pests and diseases. That means even organic pest control is not needed. Why? Because of the natural dissolved minerals that are found in plants’ sucrose juice. Any pest willing to take a bite will fall off the plant like a drunk falling off a curb; the high level of sucrose is turned into alcohol in the insect’s system and kills it. The health of the plant is measured by the level of minerals and natural sugars, using what is called the “Brix” scale.

A refractometer is used to measure this by determining which direction a light beam goes in when plant juice is examined. If it goes to the right, it means the plant is healthy and growing—in its anabolic stage. If it goes to the left, it indicates a catabolic or destructive phase. Healthy foods, like healthy people, have healthy auras. That means the light combinations are right-spin, or life enhancing. Plant cells, just like human cells, seek life by their naturally programmed evolution. Healthy plants don’t need poisons any more than healthy people need vaccinations.

If you consume food that is low on the Brix scale, you will throw your body into survival mode and you will be unable to grow. All non-organic commercially grown crops have low Brix readings; that’s why chemicals must be used to suppress disease infestation. When you ingest these poisons, your immune system kicks into high gear and your vital organs begin shutting down in order to conserve energy needed for survival. This mechanism is referred to as the hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal axis. Just like the single cell we first discussed, we are programmed for life. If threats come, in the form of food, storms, or war, no growth is possible. No growth—no health—no life!

Put a drop of poison in a petri dish and a cell will move away from it. Put a drop of poison in your body and all your cells will retreat. This is a retraction of your electromagnetic field, your aura. Just like a healthy plant’s electromagnetic field, yours gives off measurable colors that determine sickness, health, life, and death. When do you think might be the best time to flee from danger—before or after you’re decapitated?

Peter Ragnar is a natural life scientist, modern-day Taoist wizard, and self-master par excellence. A martial arts practitioner for over fifty years, he is renowned for his teachings on optimal health and longevity. He is the author of twenty books, including The Art and Science of Physical Invincibility.


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