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by Andrew Cohen

We at What Is Enlightenment? are in the midst of a strange and challenging process: coming up with a new name. The reason for this is that we have grown and expanded in so many different directions recently that not only has it become difficult for us to keep all our different limbs in mind as we put one foot in front of the other, but it's also incredibly confusing for people who are just getting to know the ever-evolving animal that What Is Enlightenment? has become. Ever since our early issues, I can't tell you how many letters, subscriptions, and submissions we have received addressed to “Enlightenment” magazine. Many people just seem to miss the “What is . . .” dimension, which is, after all, the whole point! So it's always been a question for us. But recently, as the WIE concept has expanded into a seemingly infinite number of new initiatives (all with their own names)—an international speakers series, an online broadcast service, a graduate program, and a documentary film—bringing everything under one clear banner has become an urgent necessity.

So over the past several months, there have been many brainstorming sessions; we even hired a consultant to help us find our way in this brave new world where even cutting-edge spirituality has to fight for access to the overstimulated senses of a media-besieged populous. There is something oddly humiliating about the self-conscious nature of the struggle to come up with just that right “brand”—for yourself. May God help those of us who are convinced that what we are doing is important enough to compel us to walk that razor's edge between uncompromised authenticity and “shelf snap”!

So next time you find us, don't be surprised if we look just a little bit different. We'll still be the same magazine, created by the same people, who are only doing it for the love of it. And we'll still be inspired by the same audacious vision: to help create a revolution in consciousness and culture.


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