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Issue 27 Cover
Issue 27  /  October–December 2004
Searching for Soul in Hollywood
At the threshold of the new millennium, spirituality is growing ever more popular in the mainstream marketplace. From the Kabbalah Centre's rising star to the making of The Celestine Prophecy film, WIE takes you behind the scenes to reveal that there's more to this burgeoning postmodern phenomenon than first meets the eye.
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Andrew Cohen

The American Dream Spiritualized

From the Kabbalah Centre to The Celestine Prophecy, WIE explores the phenomenon of popular spirituality at the threshold of the new millennium.


A Chance Encounter

The Introduction


Synchronicity Goes to Hollywood

Searching for a postmodern religion on the set of
The Celestine Prophecy: The Movie

A decade after taking the publishing world by storm, James Redfield's runaway bestseller is making its long-awaited leap to the silver screen. Our intrepid reporter takes you behind the scenes in Florida for the inside story.

Ross Robertson

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A People's Revolution of Enlightenment

Ancient mysticism hits the bigtime at the Kabbalah Centre

The Kabbalah Centre has been picking up more celebrities than a ski lift in Aspen, but what's the real story behind its success? Discover how one of the world's most esoteric mystical traditions has become a global pop phenomenon.

Maura R. O'Connor

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If Heaven Were a Place on Earth

A pilgrimage to the 2004 Parliament of the World's Religions

What happens when 9,000 people from all walks of faith spend a week together crossing the cultural divide? A WIE team descends on Barcelona to take the pulse of religion at the dawn of the new millennium.

Carter Phipps and Craig Hamilton

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with audios, videos, and a slide show

The Guru and the Pandit
Transcend and Include

How does significant change occur? Must the old and familiar be completely rejected for a new possibility to be born? In their seventh dialogue, Ken Wilber and Andrew Cohen explore what it means to actualize our far-reaching human potential.

Andrew Cohen and Ken Wilber

Beyond Limits
The Reincarnation of Durga

Perhaps the truest story ever told of Phoolan Devi, India's Bandit Queen

Elizabeth Debold

Not Just a Movie Review
Taking the Quantum Leap . . . Too Far?

Merging science and spirituality in a docudrama blend, What the #$*! Do We Know?! is taking moviegoers on a wild tour of the surprising interconnections between psychology, biology, physics . . . and God.

Tom Huston

Reaching Toward Synthesis

The Dalai Lama and other visionary-activists attempt to invoke the meta-mind.

The Gospel According to Pop Culture

Buffy, Neo, and Dr. Seuss bring Christian morals to the mainstream.

The Actualization of Divinity

UN activist and spiritual leader Audrey Kitagawa makes an impassioned plea for moral responsibility.

Democracy Gets a 21st-Century Makeover

An online insurgency is making plans for an integral global government.

Stranger Than Science Fiction

The World Future Society's annual conference takes a brave look at the culture of tomorrow.

Where the Ghost in the Machine Comes to Play

Test your psychic skills online with Dean Radin's Psi Arcade.

A Not-So-Trivial Pursuit

Enlighten: a new board game puts your faith to the test.

Igniting a Spark of Power

Exploring the politics of women's liberation in North Africa.
An interview with Donna Zajonc.


Bill Clinton, Tony Robbins, global think tanks, world cataclysm, and more.

Real Men Have Broken Hearts

If thousands of Christian men keep their promises, can they change the world?

Awakening the Double Wisdom of Civilization

How to awaken our collective consciousness through the power of mass communication.

Duane Elgin

Coming Out as a Moral Cosmopolitan: What It Means to Be a Human Being in the New Millennium

A rousing call to forge a new world from the depths of our own souls.

Jason D. Hill

Music Stirs More Masses Than You Think

From the Big Bang to Brahms, acoustic vibrations choreograph the movements of the cosmos.

Howard Bloom

Natural Selection

Books, film, and other media

A 21st Century Love Story, Part IV

As Evan ascends Jacob's Ladder, Ella fears the worst and considers becoming a nun.

Enlightenment for the 21st Century

A New Spiritual Canon

Andrew Cohen