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A Not-So-Trivial Pursuit

ENLIGHTEN: A new board game puts your faith to the test

Enlighten is a board game with a higher purpose: besides its pure entertainment value, it seeks to help promote religious tolerance following 9/11. "People are waking up to the impact of faith traditions on politics, economics, and world peace," says Christa Reynolds, the inspired San Francisco yoga instructor who created the game (with the aid of California Institute of Integral Studies PhD candidate Charles Flores). "We simply need to know more so that we judge less."

Modeled after Trivial Pursuit, the game requires players to put their wisdom to the test as they maneuver through comparative religion Q&A along the path to enlightenment. But it also adds a dramatic physical twist. Upon landing in a penalty zone, players must get up from their chairs to perform "embodying rituals" from each of the major world religions-including Buddhist prostrations, Christian genuflections, and Islamic dervish dancing. This is Enlighten's most entertaining component by far, and it adds an experiential dimension to interfaith understanding that couldn't come from mere intellectual appreciation alone. So if you've been wondering what Hinduism is about and don't mind chanting "Om" three times to find out, visit to get in on the spiritual fun.

–Tom Huston


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October–December 2004