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Visions of the Future

The Arlington Institute
Looks at the World of Tomorrow



"We are now living in [a] period of significant transition—a foreshortened span of time, during which our surroundings and experiences will change more than during any era in history. Humanity has never lived through the convergence—and, in some cases, the collision—of global forces of such magnitude and diversity. . . . One foreseeable outcome might be global instability; another, a planetary renaissance. In any case, during the next two decades, almost every aspect of life will be fundamentally reshaped."

The Arlington Institute

Visions of the Future - Click here to launch slideshow

WELCOME TO YOUR FUTURE. . . or at least some possible versions of your future, brought to you by the Arlington Institute, a world-renowned research organization that specializes in anticipating our global destiny. According to the Arlington Institute and its founder, John L. Petersen, the best way to get a sense of what lies ahead is to create "scenarios" —"rigorously designed mental images of the most significant possibilities that might evolve." In the ten scenarios that follow, your imagination will be stirred by visions of the future that fast-forward us into realities in which life as we know it has been drastically, and perhaps irrevocably, altered—realities that are already in the making. As you turn each page, you will encounter two such scenarios, one that stretches the mind with extraordinary possibility, and the other that threatens widespread peril. Our future is tensioned between these two poles—"global instability" and "planetary renaissance"—and if the Arlington Institute is right, that future may in fact be closer than most of us realize.


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