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Exploring the Future of Religion

The Guru and the Pandit
Ken Wilber and Andrew Cohen in Dialogue


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Evolution is a multidimensional business—its movements painted in the broadest strokes across the contours of the cosmos, yet mirrored in the subtleties of each human soul. And indeed, a growing number of people—from scientists to mystics, from futurists to psychologists—are telling us that it is in the human soul that the responsibility for the next step in life's unfolding lies. Understanding this biggest of pictures, and our place in it, has never seemed more crucial—or more spiritually relevant.

In our last few issues, the spiritual implications of this greater context have been echoed and amplified by many different voices, and nowhere more so than in the ongoing series of dialogues between integral philosopher Ken Wilber and WIE founder Andrew Cohen. Bringing together a pandit's breadth of wisdom with a guru's hands-on experience of the inner dynamics of transformation, these dialogues simultaneously expand and deepen to encompass dimensions that rarely meet on one page. The result is far more than an exchange of ideas. When the ever-expanding integrity of Wilber's "theory of everything" meets the living passion of Cohen's uncompromising vision, new vistas of inquiry seem to emerge, calling on all of us to question more deeply and make more room in our hearts for unimagined potentials. Now, as WIE explores the challenges of our future, the guru and the pandit offer the third in their series of dialogues, boldly questioning the timeless truths of tradition and seeking to discern the deeper currents in consciousness today that will give form to the world of tomorrow.


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