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Stacey Heartspring Encounters the Postmodern Craze of Neo-Advaita

A Truly Imaginary Spiritual Satire


This interview was re-edited and reprinted with a special introduction for our 15th anniversary edition. Click to read the new interview or to view the full issue.

One afternoon last spring, I was sitting with my dear, wise friend Vera at the local juice bar, sharing a blue-green algae shake, when she was suddenly overcome with inspiration. "Stacey, your debut in the last issue of What Is Enlightenment? was truly evolutionary. I mean, there you were, hosting luminaries from the Buddha to Teilhard de Chardin, who were popping in to WIE's new Fourth Dimension Conference Room to offer their views on the latest developments in the spiritual world. You have quite the job, old girl. So, I was thinking, why don't you continue breaking spiritual ground and present the world's first fourth-dimensional satsang?!" "Satsang?" I replied. "Vera, I have to admit that even with all the advanced personal growth work I've done, like in my lunchtime yoga class and with my holotropic breath counselor, I've never actually been to a satsang." "Well, Stace," she said, "don't let that stop you because you owe your readers the benefit of all spiritual possibilities, even ones you personally don't know that much about. And, these days the 'satsang circuit,' with its plethora of new, or 'neo,' advaita teachers, is attracting quite of bit of interest." Now, don't worry, dear readers if, like me, you're in the dark about satsangs and advaita, because I took Vera's advice, did some research, made a few calls, and am here now to present, for your spiritual edification (and mine), this very special event: the first neo-advaita "satsang," or spiritual gathering, to take place without the usual impediments of space and time.

Stacey's fourth-dimensional, satirical satsang is constructed from direct quotes connected by short, fictional linking words and phrases. All quoted material appears in italics.


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