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Breaking the Rules

The Guru and the Pandit
Ken Wilber and Andrew Cohen in Dialogue


 width=thou shalt not judge

Does radical transformation break the unwritten rules of our postmodern spiritual culture? In this dialogue between guru and pandit, spiritual teacher and founder of What Is Enlightenment? Andrew Cohen and integral philosopher Ken Wilber take a piercing look at the contemporary spiritual scene and ask us how serious we are about really changing. And, in fact, change itself defines the cutting-edge spirituality that they explored in our last issue where this new WIE feature made its debut. In that issue, these two pioneers explored the unorthodox conclusion that they each had come to: the bold claim that enlightenment is evolving. They discussed how the deep spiritual recognition of nonduality—the union of emptiness and form—takes on a new significance in light of the knowledge that the world of form is itself changing, ever-complexifying, forward-moving, and increasingly conscious.

So, where do we stand on the question of change—profound, radical, evolutionary change? In this intimate dialogue, Andrew shares his experience of calling students to transform, as Ken provides an incisive assessment of the contemporary spiritual scene. Refusing to join the "conspiracy of mediocrity" that has flattened postmodern spirituality, they present an approach to spiritual transformation that calls us to live from the enlightened perspective. Together, these two, the guru and the pandit, transform spiritual transformation, revealing the possibility not only of changing ourselves but of participating in the evolution of global consciousness itself.


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Our Transformation Issue