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Where Two or Three Are Gathered in My Name

Excerpted from the Book: Father Arseny: Priest, Prisoner, Spiritual Father


Few stories have captured our hearts here at WIE like the story of the remarkable, and by now legendary, Father Arseny. Father Arseny was imprisoned in the Soviet labor camps as were many of the 160,000 Russian Orthodox bishops, priests, monks, and nuns killed in the Soviet Union during the Stalin years (1924-1953). This art-scholar-turned-monk was revered for his uncompromising compassion for others under the harshest and most dehumanizing of conditions. A physically frail man, he survived numerous death threats and the abuses of his captors through a series of what could only be called miracles, many of which have been collected and narrated by those who witnessed them firsthand. The following account of one such miracle—a story that must be read to be believed—demonstrates the mysterious and undeniable power of one man's absolute faith in his Holy Father, as well as his unwavering care for his fellowman. Indeed, Father Arseny's spiritual strength consistently uplifted those who would otherwise have been consigned to a sure and hopeless death, and it continues to shine through the following pages as a profound testimony to the transformative power of one simple priest's breathtaking humility before God.

–Melissa Hoffman


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