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What Does Enlightenment Look Like?

Section Introduction
by Andrew Cohen

section introduction

What does enlightenment look like? Everybody has their own idea about this—their own idea of perfection. But the truth is, when you start looking around, what you will discover is that enlightenment has many faces. Many human faces. Faces through which relative variations on a single absolute theme are played out for us all to ponder. So, what is enlightenment? From the perspective of awakened consciousness, our human face is the sheath or filter through which the eternal light of the primordial Self Absolute shines into this relative, manifest world. That light is singular and forever unchanging. But how it shines in this world depends upon the sheath, filter, or face through which it enters. And that is why a question such as "What is enlightenment?" always creates so much confusion. That is also why the very human dimension of this question is so all-important—because the human face makes such a big impression on the way that that which is Absolute is perceived in this world. So what does enlightenment look like? It always looks the same, and it always looks different. The following interviews present three different faces, three very different variations on one single absolute theme.


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