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The Call of the Spirit is Always Revolutionary

Section Introduction
by Andrew Cohen

section introduction

The two pieces in this section, an original essay by Ken Wilber and a provocative interview with Georg Feuerstein, are bold statements about everything that this magazine stands for. They also powerfully echo the reasons I started What Is Enlightenment? in the first place. Simply put, they're a clarion call to awaken here and now, for real. These two authoritative voices point us to that which is so easily forgotten these days: that the call of the spirit, when it is uncensored by the status quo's insistence on keeping everything under its control, is always revolutionary. Why? Because it demands nothing less than unconditional transformation. They remind us that genuine spiritual transformation is a deadly serious business, an always ultimately demanding endeavor that requires nothing less than a heroic response from the sincere seeker. They passionately put the evolutionary impulse and its ultimate destination in their true light, and courageously and honestly state how few of us are ready for the task. The proclamations made here cannot be overstated. If a real spiritual revolution is ever going to take place, more and more of us have to be willing to hear the call of the spirit in such a way that it will literally bring us to our knees.

What is the modern spiritual predicament? It is our entrenched materialism and pervasive self-satisfaction. Too many of us simply will not permit ourselves to experience the insecurity and deep sense of urgency that are necessary to catapult us into a radically transformed relationship to the human experience. If this painfully divided and dangerously confused world is going to change in a way that is truly significant, more of us have to not only be willing to hear the call to awaken here and now but, for everyone else's sake, be willing to respond to it with everything we've got.


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