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War Cry

by Jetsunma Ahkön Lhamo

Buddhas and Bodhisattvas,
please listen to me!

From the depth of my heart
I beg you to remain!

I offer all virtue I have accumulated
in the three times.

Please accept for the sake of
sentient beings.

I request you to remain in the world
for the sake of the lost.

I request you to give instruction
for the sake of the deluded.

Grant blessings
for the sake of the poor and hungry.

Increase the strength of Dharma
until none can resist!

Suppress with your splendor
the horrors of hatred,
greed and ignorance.

Do not abandon us!
This pitiful practitioner,
this humble servant
of the Three Precious Jewels.

This poor steward of lost beings
begs you to hear these verses.

Please accept them as my
timeless vow.

Please remind me in every future time
of these words.

Please let me perform this duty
in order to benefit beings, and so
that in some small way I can
repay the kindness of my Teachers.
To Guru Rinpoche, I pray.
Lord of my Three Doors
Do not abandon me.
I, your humble servant,
am concerned for sentient beings.

Here I am, to promise you,
I have not forgotten my vows
spoken before your Holy Face.

Again I lay them at your feet
for their sake
as you have taught me.
I have seen you.

I have heard your voice.

I have smelt your smell.

I have lived
and died with you.

I know your name...

Bitch, whore,

Whatever garment you wear
I will know you.

Your smile is no seduction to me.

I know you.
You will appear in lovely forms,
Seductive, caressing,
singing songs filled with promises.

It is then I will appear
far more beautiful than you,

Adorned with garments
of pure aspiration,

Resplendent with gold
and gems of pure bliss.

From my mouth will come
the ambrosia of Dharma,

And from your grasping arms
I will steal my children away,

Like a thief in the night...
And lead them to Paradise.
You will be known as mother

And from your teats my babies
will suckle vomit and death.

You will cradle them
in arms of deception and sorrow.

Saying "trust in me"
and "I am your mother."
Then I will appear
vast as the sky

With arms that reach
around the world.

From pure white breasts
I will offer the milk form Bodhicitta.

My arms will reach into hell itself,
to every place.

Joyfully I will hold my children


"You, my darlings
are sons and daughters
of the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas"


"You are the child of luminosity,
the Holy Display
of the Sphere of Truth."

And then, offering sweets
succulent and filled with Love,

They will follow me,
and I will lead them
to Paradise.

You will appear as the demon.

Death, fear, hatred,
selfishness, greed, ignorance...

These will be
your unholy teachings.

Ugly and terrifying,
you will manipulate my children.

Like the helpless and blind,

They will follow any sound
without distinction.

Then I will come.
I will be uglier than you.

My yellow fangs
will be terrible to see.

From my mouth will come
an unbearable howl.

Fierce and dominating,
my voice will be heard
above yours.

My feet will walk
all the worlds, all the realms.

My arms, with terrifying claws,
will reach into every corner.

I will clasp my children,
every one.

With great cries of suppression
I will tear them from you,

And carry them to Paradise.
Be warned,
whore-mother of suffering,

I am coming.

I am relentless!

Not one of my children
will I abandon to you.

I will meet you
on every hill and mountain,

In every ocean, in every country,

In the sky, in the six realms,

In form and formless lands.

No hell or heaven
will hide you from me.

I will never stop.

Like a tigress
I will come,

Mouth dripping with blood,

Claws extended.
I will come and slay you,

I alone will defeat you.

I will rip you apart,

Cut up, shredded,
sliced and diced,

No one will know
which part to call Samsara.

I will finish you.

You will not enslave my children.
Then I will shed tears
to heal you.

I will scoop you up
in my arms.

Tenderly I will hold
your head.

My eyes will shine
wisdom and compassion
upon you.

My body will be your home.

My speech will sing lullabies
of pure virtue.

Then you will remember,
you are my child, too,

Yes, you too.

Then, beloved child
who is never separate from me,

We will depart together.

We will be in Paradise.


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