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Sex Is Neutral

An Investigation into Sexuality and Its Relationship to the Multidimensional Nature of True Humanity
by Andrew Cohen

Sex Is Neither Positive nor Negative
The awesome force of sexuality and its power to create confusion in the human mind is enormous. Indeed, the intensity of desire that the force of sexuality arouses within the human mind and body almost always creates a sense of insecurity within the individual. The presence of insecurity in any form is often frightening. Many experience a loss of equilibrium in the face of overwhelming desire, and the tremendous insecurity experienced at times like these causes the individual to want to find a way to escape.

There are fundamentally two positions taken in relationship to the awesome force of sexuality. One is that sex is positive—Good, Healthy and Natural. The other is that sex is negative—Bad, Dirty and Evil. Both of these positions represent a form of escape from the insecurity that the overwhelming power of sexual desire arouses within the individual. The form of escape that I'm referring to represents a fixed position. And it is this fixed position that enables the individual to avoid the inevitable confrontation with their humanity that the arousal of the sexual force always demands.

The sexual force in and of itself is neither positive nor negative. But the tremendous insecurity that its presence generates within the individual and the desire to escape from that insecurity cause almost all to perceive what is inherently a neutral force as either positive or negative. The sexual force is the expression of the impersonal power of creation itself. The impersonal power of creation cares not for the individual. Its relationship to the individual is always neutral and could only be neutral, as the sexual force is blind, creative energy that has no consciousness and no individuality. The individual's desire to escape from its overwhelming intensity alone is what creates the illusion of polarity where none actually exists.

Sex Is Neutral
Is it possible for a human being to have a positive sexual experience and still retain the ability to directly perceive the inherent neutrality of the sexual force? Is it possible for a human being to have a negative sexual experience and still retain the ability to directly perceive the inherent neutrality of the sexual force? Only if the individual is able to sustain a relationship with the sexual force that consistently reveals its true nature as inherently neutral and impersonal will he or she be able to avoid the paralyzing confusion and almost inevitable suffering that result from any lack of clarity in this area.

The price that has to be paid in order to achieve the degree of clarity necessary to survive the storms of confusion that accompany the presence of overwhelming desire is very high. That price is the willingness to bear the experience of intense insecurity without succumbing to the temptation to see the sexual force as other than it actually is.

It is rare when a human being is able to experience the tremendous power of the sexual force rising up within them without instantly taking emotional and psychological refuge in one polarity or the other. For example, the conclusion that the true nature of the sexual force is always positive—Good, Healthy and Natural—automatically relieves the individual of the enormous burden that the presence of the sexual force imposes on the personality. In the same way the opposite conclusion, that the true nature of the sexual force is always negative—Bad, Dirty and Evil—equally allows the individual to avoid having to come to terms with the true nature of the power of the creative energy in every moment. This is very important. Why? Because if our relationship with that most powerful of instincts is ever going to be able to demonstrate the fearless integrity that the full fruition of our humanity demands, then it is absolutely essential that one be able to see the true nature of the sexual force for what it actually is.

The Sexual Experience Is Multidimensional
It is essential to be able to consistently perceive the true or inherently neutral nature of the sexual force in order to see it clearly. But, even more importantly, viewing the sexual force from either the positive or the negative pole alone does not and cannot ever fully embrace the multidimensional nature of the human experience of sexual feelings, i.e., physical, psychological, emotional and even spiritual. The human experience of the sexual instinct is never static, but is ever changing. And because the human experience of sexuality is multidimensional and ever changing—unless that fact is addressed directly, the individual's perspective in relationship to the sexual experience will never be able to accurately embrace every aspect of their own very human experience.


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