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Final Purity

by Andrew Cohen

There is a way to respond to life that is always miraculous, that is free from fear and that always transcends the mind's ability to grasp or understand. Indeed, responding to life in the way that I'm speaking about demands that we know how to act in such a way that moves faster than any form of premeditation would allow. Learning this secret enables us to endlessly discover a mystery that cannot be imagined.

To be able to live in this way that is always miraculous, we must be willing to be in a state of not knowing. That means we have to be ready to embrace a kind of austerity that is relentless. This austerity is the unconditional renunciation of the need to know. Indeed, there can be no final purity in any spiritual attainment unless one can do this perfectly. Purity can become manifest only when one is able to live without reservation in that knowledge that one doesn't know and will never know.

I'm describing a way of living that most would consider strange, nonsensical and even dangerous. You see, one discovers that one doesn't need to know in order to be able to function perfectly. That's the miracle, that's the mystery and that is what is extraordinary about this.


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