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What Does It Mean to Be In the World But Not of It?
A Report from The Trenches
Issue 18
From the Editors
What Does It Mean To Be In the World but Not of It?
Issue 18
There's No Escape from the World

One of the founding fathers of American Buddhism speaks about why he never became a monk, and insists that transcendence of the world is strictly an inner matter.

Issue 18
Sid Arthur of Sausalito

A postmodern fable about the perennial question: Should I stay where I am or should I give up everything in order to devote myself entirely to the spiritual quest?

Issue 18
Ripples on the Surface of Being

In this captivating interview, one of the contemporary spiritual world's newest stars speaks about the inward stillness he's discovered and what it really means to “transcend the world.”

Issue 18
What Does It Mean to Transcend the World?
Featuring Interviews with Eckhart Tolle and Joseph Goldstein
Issue 18