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The Soul of the Rebbe
Meditations from the wisdom of Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson
Issue 32
Real Gurus “Couldn't care less”
The dilemma of an Eastern master in a postmodern world
Issue 31
When God Smiles
Archbishop Desmond Tutu considers the human predicament from God's point of view
Issue 29
Big Buddha
Maitreya, the buddha of the future, is arriving
a few eons ahead of schedule
Issue 28
A People's Revolution of Enlightenment: Kabbalah
Ancient mysticism hits the bigtime at the Kabbalah Centre

The Kabbalah Centre has been picking up more celebrities than a ski lift in Aspen, but what's the real story behind its success? Discover how one of the world's most esoteric mystical traditions has become a global pop phenomenon.

Issue 27
The Ethics of Interdependence

The Dalai Lama explains why we need to create a new form of ethics based on the reality of our interdependence.

Issue 24
The Hour of My Coming
Millenial Myths and Modern Messiahs

Who—or what—will guide humanity safely to the promised golden age? An entertaining and scholarly treatise on visions of the apocalypse, the future salvation of the world, and the messianic dreams of the twenty-first century. Featuring interviews with self-proclaimed messiahs, millennial scholars, religious experts, Indian avatars, and more...

Issue 23
The Last Testament of Vissarion Christ

WIE talks to this “Jesus of Siberia” about his messianic mission and the need for a new religion for our time.

Issue 23
In Search of Babaji
WIE Tracks Down the Elusive Yogi-Christ of the Himalayas
Issue 21
On Darwin, Evolution, and the Perfect Man

Believe it or not, this trailblazing yogi (who first brought Vedanta to the West) had studied Western evolutionary theory and developed a spiritual critique of Darwin—in 1898!

Issue 21
The World is Beautiful

“The world is your friend if it reminds you of God, and your enemy if it makes you forget God,” declares this dynamic leader of the Halveti-Jerrahi order of Sufis in a captivating exploration of the prophet Muhammad's teaching on finding one's right place in the world.

Issue 18
What Does It Mean To Embrace the World?
Featuring Interviews with Rabbi David Edelman and Sheikh Tosun Bayrak al-Jerrahi
Issue 18
The World is Unreliable

Joining the monastic world at the age of four, tulku Penor Rinpoche eventually became the presiding abbot of over 400 monasteries in Tibet and was named the Supreme Head of the Nyingma Buddhist Lineage. In this rare interview, he speaks about the unique advantages of the monastic path for the seeker of liberation.

Issue 18
The Enemy Within

What would Christianity's Desert Fathers have had to say about the ego in spiritual life? WIE travels to a remote Greek Orthodox hermitage to speak with an inspired modern-day renunciate about the passion for purification that burns at the heart of this ancient tradition.

Issue 17
No Escape for the Ego

“When the ego is cornered and has nowhere to go, the only thing one can do is to put it down. And when one puts down the ego, then that is enlightenment.” One of the world's most respected Buddhist masters—a lineage holder in both existing schools of Ch'an Buddhism—speaks about the joy of liberation, the pitfalls of the path and the one-pointed desire required to see through our attachment to a false sense of self.

Issue 17
No Difference!

One of the foremost authorities in modern Hinduism explains why the only practice necessary for women to attain enlightenment is the worship of their husband as a god.

Issue 16
No Independent Existence

The Dalai Lama speaks about the nature of emptiness and the meaning of enlightenment.

Issue 14
Advaita 101

The lessons of a Vedantic traditionalist who believes that studying the ancient scriptures, not having spiritual experiences, is the most direct route to profound nondual realization.

Issue 14
Making God Laugh

“There are no problems in life; the only problem is thinking.” A journey beyond time, space and the world as we know it with an outrageous modern Advaitin.

Issue 14
Such People We Have Never Seen
A Meeting with Metropolitan Anthony of Sourozh, Head of the Russian Orthodox Church in Great Britain

The head of the Russian Orthodox Church in Great Britain speaks about the mystery of silent contemplation and the preeminence of the true spiritual master.

Issue 9
The Seal of God
An Ancient Jewish Measure of Spiritual Authority
Issue 9
If Heaven Were a Place On Earth
A Pilgrimage to the 2004 Parliament of the World's Religions

What happens when 9,000 people from all walks of faith spend a week together crossing the cultural divide? A WIE team descends on Barcelona to take the pulse of religion at the dawn of the new millennium.

Issue 27
Enlightenment at the Speed of Life
How does the experience of enlightenment itself respond to the changing life conditions of the twenty-first century?

How can the changeless realization of enlightenment help humanity cope with our world of accelerating change? Twelve contemporary spiritual teachers bring timeless wisdom to bear on this twenty-first-century dilemma.

Issue 23
The Price of Liberation
An Eminent Buddhist Scholar Asks: How Middle was the Buddha's Middle Way?

What was the life of the monks really like in the Buddha's time? Buddhist scholar Peter Masefield presents an unembellished picture of the radical and austere life lived by those who ordained under the “Awakened One.”

Issue 18
What Does It Mean to Be In the World But Not of It?
A Report from The Trenches
Issue 18
Is the Ego an Illusion?

From the jungle abode of South Indian sage Ajja to an interview with one of Hinduism's most respected scholars, WIE goes in search of the answer to the question: Is the ego only an illusion?

Issue 17