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Sally and Jade

“Once made, this love is made forever.” Two of Barry Long's former consorts tell us what it's like to be in relationship with a tantric master.

Issue 13
Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Tantra ... but Were Afraid to Ask

The fascinating and informative discoveries of a pioneering scholar and author who journeyed to the Himalayas in search of the truth about Buddhist sexual tantra.

Issue 13
Issue 13
You Have to Do It All

Is sex really a shortcut to enlightenment? A no-holds-barred discussion with the mother of modern tantra.

Issue 13
A Tantric Master

“Not every man can take on five women and talk about love, life, God, truth and death and keep everything in order. Only a tantric master can do that.”

Issue 13
What the Buddha Taught

We asked a renowned Buddhist abbot, ordained a celibate monk at the age of twelve, what the Buddha himself would have to say about the relevance of celibacy in these sexually “liberated” times.

Issue 13
Don't Leave God Out of It

“While the Puritans wouldn't think of making love on the Sabbath, for Jews it's the opposite way around.” A forward-looking traditionalist describes the sanctified sexuality of orthodox Judaism.

Issue 13