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Is God All in Your Head?
Inside science's quest to solve the mystery of consciousness

As neuroscientists race to connect every aspect of human experience to the firing of neurons in the brain, the battle between science and religion is heating up. Will science succeed in its quest to do away with God, the soul, and all things spiritual? WIE steps inside the consciousness debate.

Issue 29
Stranger Than Science Fiction
The World Future Society's annual conference takes a brave look at the culture of tomorrow
Issue 27
Music Stirs More Masses Than You Think

From the Big Bang to Brahms, acoustic vibrations choreograph the movements of the cosmos.

Issue 27
What Matters Most

Why do two equally passionate critics of the scientific-materialist worldview differ so fundamentally on the capacity of the “new science” to answer humanity's most important questions?

Issue 11
Encounter at the Edge of the New Paradigm
A Dialogue with E.F. Schumacher

Fritjof Capra's engaging account of his meeting with Schumacher in 1977, excerpted from his book Uncommon Wisdom, illustrates how two critics of the classical scientific worldview—both of them ardent proponents of a new vision for humankind—can differ so fundamentally about exactly how to move ahead.

Issue 11
Maybe Angels
A Confluence of Imagination and Rational Inquiry

A controversial biologist explores the consciousness of the universe and dissects the materialist creed.

Issue 11
The Slenderest Knowledge

A poignant excerpt from A Guide for the Perplexed, E. F. Schumacher's compelling reckoning with the loss of meaning and value in the wake of the scientific revolution.

Issue 11
Looking Back to the Beginning
The Ultra Deep Field: a picture worth ten thousand galaxies

Ann Druyan · Neil deGrasse Tyson · James Gardner · Brian Swimme

Issue 26
Go With Your Gut
Science finds new evidence for gut instincts
Issue 25
Preachers of a New Pentecost
Two evangelists of evolutionary spirituality are carrying the message of science and spirit to grassroots Christianity and beyond

Connie Barlow and Michael Dowd are traveling the ancient missionary path with a radical new message: the science of evolution may be the key to a worldwide spiritual revival.

Issue 25
The Café at the Beginning of the Universe
An encounter with Howard Bloom

One of today's most imaginative minds plays cosmic (and comic) tour guide through the formative moments of the universe, hinting at wild surprises yet to come.

Issue 25
Visions of the Future
The Arlington Institute Looks at the World of Tomorrow

Surprising scenarios of promise and peril from John Petersen, founder of futurist think tank, the Arlington Institute.

Issue 23
Where Do Your Loyalties Lie?
Huston Smith on the Sanctification of Science and the Dethroning of God

“In Descartes's fall, we sinned all.” A world-famous religious scholar and spiritual practitioner critiques science's overreach of its rightful grasp.

Issue 11
Look for Truth No Matter Where It Takes You
F. David Peat on David Bohm, Krishnamurti and Himself

David Bohm, renowned theoretical physicist and close associate of the great spiritual visionary J. Krishnamurti, is remembered by his friend, colleague, and biographer David Peat.

Issue 11