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The Paradise We Seek
The Reverend Dr. Cynthia Bourgeault on the Christian path to ego death and the discovery of the true self
This Episcopal priest, author, and internationally recognized teacher of contemplative prayer addresses the modern face of contemplative practice, the transcendent potential of religious insight, and the ultimate liberation of women—beyond identification with gender itself.
Issue 33
The Incredible Popularity of The Purpose-Driven Life

From the army to the NFL, author Rick Warren is captivating millions with his message of self-sacrifice.

Issue 29
What Does It Mean to Be In the World But Not of It?
A Report from The Trenches
Issue 18
The Price of Liberation
An Eminent Buddhist Scholar Asks: How Middle was the Buddha's Middle Way?

What was the life of the monks really like in the Buddha's time? Buddhist scholar Peter Masefield presents an unembellished picture of the radical and austere life lived by those who ordained under the “Awakened One.”

Issue 18
The e'M'pire

A Carmelite monk speaks passionately about the joys of living the holy life and the fulfillment found in renouncing what he calls the e'M'pire—the world of manipulation, mendacity, and mediocrity.

Issue 18
The World is Unreliable

Joining the monastic world at the age of four, tulku Penor Rinpoche eventually became the presiding abbot of over 400 monasteries in Tibet and was named the Supreme Head of the Nyingma Buddhist Lineage. In this rare interview, he speaks about the unique advantages of the monastic path for the seeker of liberation.

Issue 18
What Does It Mean to Renounce the World?
Featuring Interviews with Father William McNamara and H.H. Penor Rinpoche
Issue 18
Is Buddhism Surviving America?

The editor of Tricycle, America's most popular Buddhist review, discusses the secularization of Buddhism in a culture “aggressively antagonistic to the pursuit of the unknown.”

Issue 14
What the Buddha Taught

We asked a renowned Buddhist abbot, ordained a celibate monk at the age of twelve, what the Buddha himself would have to say about the relevance of celibacy in these sexually “liberated” times.

Issue 13
Issue 13
The Divine Life

“Celibacy is neither repressing sexuality nor avoiding it. It is bypassing sexuality for something a hundred times greater.” A conversation with the revered Vedantic teacher and spiritual heir to the great Swami Sivananda.

Issue 13
From the Editors
Issue 13
Here's Looking At You

“Bogey is a little surprised when Ingrid steps on the plane without blinking an eye.” A contemporary celibate describes her decision to renounce sexuality and her discovery of a liberating new perspective on the potential for real intimacy between men and women.

Issue 13
The Heart of the Matter
A Dialogue between Father Thomas Keating and Andrew Cohen

A venerated Trappist monk and leader of the Christian contemplative prayer movement explains why “celibacy is not just about chastity. It's about manifesting, in everything we do, the unconditional love of God.”

Issue 13
The Promise of Perfection

What would it be like to live life free from the haunting conviction that something essential to our happiness is always missing? A captivating investigation into the true nature of desire that reveals with stark simplicity the way to liberation.

Issue 13
Final Purity

“Purity can become manifest only when one is able to live without reservation in the knowledge that one doesn't know and will never know.”

Issue 11
Sid Arthur of Sausalito

A postmodern fable about the perennial question: Should I stay where I am or should I give up everything in order to devote myself entirely to the spiritual quest?

Issue 18
From the Editors
What Does It Mean To Be In the World but Not of It?
Issue 18
There's No Escape from the World

One of the founding fathers of American Buddhism speaks about why he never became a monk, and insists that transcendence of the world is strictly an inner matter.

Issue 18
The Enemy Within

What would Christianity's Desert Fathers have had to say about the ego in spiritual life? WIE travels to a remote Greek Orthodox hermitage to speak with an inspired modern-day renunciate about the passion for purification that burns at the heart of this ancient tradition.

Issue 17