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Conversations with My Father
Postmodernism, morality, and the evolution of a father-daughter relationship

WIE editor Jessica Roemischer traverses four decades of postmodernity and life with her philosopher father, in an autobiographical odyssey replete with the freedoms, disappointments, and newfound potential of a world beyond tradition.

Issue 24
A 21st Century Love Story
An email dialogue between Evan McAllister and Ella Paris
Issue 24
Here's Looking At You

“Bogey is a little surprised when Ingrid steps on the plane without blinking an eye.” A contemporary celibate describes her decision to renounce sexuality and her discovery of a liberating new perspective on the potential for real intimacy between men and women.

Issue 13
Sally and Jade

“Once made, this love is made forever.” Two of Barry Long's former consorts tell us what it's like to be in relationship with a tantric master.

Issue 13
a 21st century love story
part III

When Ella sets off to India to help save the world, can Evan still bear being a Zen rebel without a cause?

Issue 26
A 21st Century Love Story
Part II of Evan & Ella

Humor and drama abound as our star-crossed duo, Evan McAllister and Ella Paris, confronts matters of depth, death, and stuff.

Issue 25