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J.Z. Knight
What Will the Enlightened Man of the Future Look Like?

WIE’s Elizabeth Debold speaks to What the Bleep Do We Know!? star J.Z. Knight about the extraordinary challenges—and spiritual possibilities—facing men in the twenty-first century.

Harvey Mansfield
In Defense of Manliness

Harvard University’s Harvey Mansfield gives his controversial take on men, masculinity, and the gender-neutral society.

George Daranyi
Discovering the New Warrior
WIEís Carter Phipps and Joel Pitney speak to George Daranyi, chairman of the Mankind Project, about a unique training program that has helped 40,000 men worldwide to awaken their “warrior spirits” and embody a unique combination of strength and sensitivity.
Erwin McManus
Awakening the Warrior Poet

In this fascinating interview with WIE's Carter Phipps, innovative Christian minister Erwin McManus paints a picture of what a spiritually enlightened man might look like in the 21st century.

Mother Clare Watts & Jenny Wade
What Will the Enlightened Man of the Future Be Like?

Spiritual guide Mother Clare Watts and developmental psychologist Jenny Wade speak with senior editor Elizabeth Debold about the next steps for men as part of our recent investigation into the emergence of a new expression of masculinity (see issue 41).