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Gay Liberation
Issue 16
What the Buddha Taught

We asked a renowned Buddhist abbot, ordained a celibate monk at the age of twelve, what the Buddha himself would have to say about the relevance of celibacy in these sexually “liberated” times.

Issue 13
Issue 13
The Divine Life

“Celibacy is neither repressing sexuality nor avoiding it. It is bypassing sexuality for something a hundred times greater.” A conversation with the revered Vedantic teacher and spiritual heir to the great Swami Sivananda.

Issue 13
From the Editors
Issue 13
Here's Looking At You

“Bogey is a little surprised when Ingrid steps on the plane without blinking an eye.” A contemporary celibate describes her decision to renounce sexuality and her discovery of a liberating new perspective on the potential for real intimacy between men and women.

Issue 13
The Heart of the Matter
A Dialogue between Father Thomas Keating and Andrew Cohen

A venerated Trappist monk and leader of the Christian contemplative prayer movement explains why “celibacy is not just about chastity. It's about manifesting, in everything we do, the unconditional love of God.”

Issue 13
What is the Relationship between Sex and Spirituality?
Introduction to this issue

Is sex an essential part of the spiritual path or is it an empty promise that distracts us from realizing our full human potential? Interviews with Margot Anand, Barry Long, Miranda Shaw, Father Thomas Keating, Bhante Henepola Gunaratana and Swami Chidananda.

Issue 13