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Business and Economy

Authentic Leadership (5 media files)
Business And Spirituality (11 media files)
General Business (8 media files)
Organizational Development (6 media files)

Culture and Society

Arts and Creativity (5 media files)
Feminism (9 media files)
Gen X and Gen Y (5 media files)
Media and Communications (5 media files)
Popular Culture (7 media files)
Postmodern Culture (20 media files)
Sports (2 media files)

Enlightenment and Spiritual Life

Communion and Interdependence (2 media files)
Interfaith Dialogue (1 media file)
Meditation (6 media files)
Men And Spirituality (5 media files)
Renunciation (1 media file)
Sex and Spirituality (5 media files)
Spiritual and Social Activism (11 media files)
Spiritual Awakening (14 media files)
Spiritual Inquiry (4 media files)
Spiritual Powers, Healings, and Miracles (2 media files)
Spiritual Practices (4 media files)
Student-Teacher Relationship (7 media files)
Tantra (3 media files)
Transcending Ego (4 media files)
Transcending the World (1 media file)
Women and Spirituality (10 media files)

Evolutionary Spirituality

Evolution of Consciousness (40 media files)
Jenny Wade: Transcendent Sex: Part 2Andrew Cohen & Rupert Sheldrake: Changing Kosmic Habits - Part TwoRupert Sheldrake & Andrew Cohen: Changing Kosmic Habits - Part OneAndrew Cohen: Redefining the Spiritual ImpulseAndrew Cohen: Special Release: The Art and Science of Enlightened CommunicationSteve McIntosh: How Does Consciousness Evolve?Ken Wilber & Andrew Cohen: Defining an Integral Approach to Enlightenment and EvolutionSteven Vedro: The Coevolution of Technology and ConsciousnessAmir Aczel: Exploring Pierre Teilhard de Chardin's Scientific RootsSteve McIntosh: Bringing an Integral Perspective to the White HouseZoltan Torey: Language, Consciousness, and SelfJoyce Kovelman: Gender Archetypes and the Evolution of ConsciousnessDeepak Chopra & Andrew Cohen: Courage. Creativity. Passion. Ecstasy.Gary Lachman: Esoterica and the Evolution of ConsciousnessAllan Combs: The Evolution of WeBarbara Marx Hubbard: A Fusion of GeniusJohn Haught: An Unfinished UniverseChris Parish: The Ultimate AdventureAndrew Cohen & Ken Wilber: Guru and the Pandit, Live in Denver: Part 2Edgar Mitchell: The Quantum HologramMichael Beckwith: Portrait of an AwakeningHoward Bloom: In Praise of Consumerism: The Spiritual Fruits of MaterialismMichael Dowd: Beyond Sustainability: A Hopeful, Inspiring Vision of the Next 250 YearsThomas de Zengotita: Mediated: The Effects of Media on ConsciousnessOtto Scharmer: A New Social Technology for Transforming Capitalism and Deepening DemocracyAndrew Cohen: A Passion for EvolutionZoltan Torey: Light in the DarknessAndrew Cohen & Ken Wilber: Guru and the Pandit, Live in Denver: Part 1Robert Wright: Fundamentalism vs. Modernity: A Worldcentric PerspectiveElizabeth Debold: Where Are the Women?Don Beck & Andrew Cohen: A Perspective That Changes EverythingYasuhiko Kimura: The Further Reaches of Human ConsciousnessDuane Elgin: The Promise AheadMichael Beckwith & Andrew Cohen: Is God Evolving? A Conversation About the Creative PrincipleRobert J. Sawyer: The Future in FictionRay Kurzweil: The Enlightened UniverseDr. Ervin Laszlo: Information and Memory in Cosmos and ConsciousnessBrian Swimme: The Story of the UniverseAndrew Cohen: The Miraculous Impulse to EvolveYasuhiko Kimura: The Transcendent Unity of Science, Art, and Spirituality
Evolutionary Enlightenment (15 media files)
General Evolutionary Spirituality (22 media files)
Spiritual Transformation (4 media files)



Models of Evolution

Darwinism (2 media files)
Evolutionary Theories (23 media files)
Psychosocial Development (4 media files)
Social and Cultural Evolution (24 media files)
Spiral Dynamics (12 media files)


Epistemology (2 media files)
Ethics and Morality (7 media files)
General Philosophy (2 media files)
Integral Philosophy (16 media files)
Integral Theory (10 media files)

Politics and Global Conditions

Conflict Resolution (6 media files)
Earth Crisis (22 media files)
Energy (7 media files)
Environment (10 media files)
Futurism (11 media files)
Globalization (13 media files)
Pacifism and Nonviolence (2 media files)
Political Conflict (9 media files)
Politics (12 media files)
Politics and Spirituality (3 media files)
Species Extinction (2 media files)
Sustainability (3 media files)


Altered States (2 media files)
Collective Consciousness (18 media files)
Evolutionary Psychology (2 media files)
Gender Issues (7 media files)
General Psychology (1 media file)
Jungian Psychology (2 media files)
Psychic Phenomena (8 media files)
Psychological Development (5 media files)
Psychology of Ego (4 media files)
Relationships (2 media files)
Self-Mastery (5 media files)
Transpersonal Psychology (2 media files)

Religious Traditions and Spiritual Paths

Advaita Vedanta (1 media file)
Buddhism (4 media files)
Christianity (13 media files)
Contemporary Spiritual Teachers (14 media files)
Contemporary Spirituality (20 media files)
Future of Religious Traditions (17 media files)
Islam (6 media files)
Judaism (1 media file)
Mysticism (4 media files)
New Age Spirituality (7 media files)
Reincarnation and the Afterlife (8 media files)
Religious Traditions (5 media files)
Teachers in Religious Traditions (1 media file)

Science and Technology

Biology (4 media files)
Biotechnology (4 media files)
Computer Technology (4 media files)
Cosmology (13 media files)
General Science (8 media files)
General Technology (7 media files)
Physics (8 media files)
Science and Spirituality (31 media files)
Joel R. Primack & Nancy Ellen Abrams: At Home in the Cosmos: Exploring Who We Are and Why We Are HereAmir Aczel: Exploring Pierre Teilhard de Chardin's Scientific RootsSteven Vedro: The Coevolution of Technology and ConsciousnessCarter Phipps & Joel Pitney: Atheists with AttitudeDeno Kazanis: Mysteries of the Universe: Talks with Physicists about Dark Matter and Dark Energy - Part ThreeAndrew Cohen & Rupert Sheldrake: Changing Kosmic Habits - Part TwoJohn Haught: God, Faith, and the Atheist DelusionRupert Sheldrake & Andrew Cohen: Changing Kosmic Habits - Part OneLynne McTaggart: Can Thoughts Change the World?Deborah Blum: Ghost HunterRobert Godwin: The Good, the True, and the Beautiful, Parts I & IIDr. Anne Foerst: Gods and Humans and Androids, Oh My!Mary Evelyn Tucker: The Emerging Alliance of Religion and EcologyPeter Fenwick: Love and Light: the Science of Near-Death ExperiencesEdgar Mitchell: The Quantum HologramPeter Russell: What is Consciousness? Consciousness just IS.Masaru Emoto: The Mind, Matter, and Time conferenceJoseph Chilton Pearce: The Mind, Matter, and Time conferenceFred Alan Wolf: The Mind, Matter, and Time conferenceCraig Hamilton: The Mind, Matter, and Time conferenceNancey Murphy: Intelligence by DesignSusan Blackmore: Does Consciousness Exist?Dr. Ervin Laszlo: The Bifurcation Point: World at the CrossroadsMarilyn Schlitz: Embracing the MysteryElisabet Sahtouris: Confessions of a Creationist Evolution BiologistBrian Swimme: The Story of the UniverseKeith Ward: The Big Questions in Science and ReligionFrank Poletti: Defining the Cosmology of the FutureDuane Elgin: The Living UniverseJohn Stirling Walker: The Spiritual Science of Rudolf SteinerRobert Richardson: Emerson, James, and the American Soul
Science of Consciousness (14 media files)
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