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Getting Clear About Enlightenment
Not Just a Book Review of Arjuna Ardagh's The Translucent Revolution
Issue 31
Stacey Heartspring Encounters the Postmodern Craze of Neo-Advaita
A Truly Imaginary Spiritual Satire

Join Stacey, WIE's newest correspondent (and loosest cannon), to find out just what makes the neo-advaita world tick!

Issue 22
Time is the Enemy
A Review of Eckhart Tolle's "The Power of Now"
Issue 18
Ripples on the Surface of Being

In this captivating interview, one of the contemporary spiritual world's newest stars speaks about the inward stillness he's discovered and what it really means to “transcend the world.”

Issue 18
Is the Ego an Illusion?

From the jungle abode of South Indian sage Ajja to an interview with one of Hinduism's most respected scholars, WIE goes in search of the answer to the question: Is the ego only an illusion?

Issue 17
Issue 14
Who Is Ajja?
A Meeting with the Absolute

“The one who was here is gone—someone else has come.” WIE introduces a little-known Indian farmer whose extraordinary experiences transformed him into a fully realized sage.

Issue 14
Close Encounters of the Advaita Kind
The Euphoric Nihilism of Ramesh Balsekar

A mindbending conversation with a former president of the Bank of India now considered by many to be the successor of the great Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj.

Issue 14
Advaita 101

The lessons of a Vedantic traditionalist who believes that studying the ancient scriptures, not having spiritual experiences, is the most direct route to profound nondual realization.

Issue 14
Making God Laugh

“There are no problems in life; the only problem is thinking.” A journey beyond time, space and the world as we know it with an outrageous modern Advaitin.

Issue 14