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  • Latest Posts from the EnlightenNext Editors’ Blog

  • Steve McIntosh on "Evolutionary Enlightenment"

    Steve McIntosh on “Evolutionary Enlightenment”

    by Tom Huston
    Integral philosopher Steve McIntosh weighs in on EnlightenNext founder Andrew Cohen’s new book, Evolutionary Enlightenment: A New Path to Spiritual Awakening… Andrew Cohen’s important new book, Evolutionary Enlightenment, demonstrates spiritual evolution on every page. Rooted in the venerable soil of

    Sep 25, 2011 | 3 comments | Read Post

  • Integral Civic Consciousness (Think About This)

    Integral Civic Consciousness (Think About This)

    by Ross Robertson
    John Bunzl is a successful UK businessman with a simple yet powerful idea for how to practically address difficult international issues like climate change. It’s called Simultaneous Policy (“Simpol” for short), “a peaceful political strategy to democratically drive all the

    Sep 09, 2011 | 7 comments | Read Post

  • Discovering the Spirit of Fire (Think About This)

    Discovering the Spirit of Fire (Think About This)

    by Carter Phipps
    When it comes to the great founders of evolutionary spirituality in the twentieth century—individuals like Henri Bergson, Teilhard de Chardin, Sri Aurobindo, Jean Gebser, and Alfred North Whitehead—we have an inexcusable lack of good biographies to guide our appreciation of

    Aug 24, 2011 | 1 comment | Read Post

  • A Modest Proposal (Think About This)

    A Modest Proposal (Think About This)

    by Tom Huston
    In anticipation of her appearance at the EnlightenNext Midsummer Renaissance Festival in London on July 30-31, 2011, Dr. Elizabeth Debold, senior editor of EnlightenNext magazine, wrote a short, provocative piece for The Guardian that began, somewhat pointedly and rather tongue-in-cheek,

    Aug 10, 2011 | 29 comments | Read Post

  • Featured Articles

  • The View from the Center of the Universe

    The View from the Center of the Universe

    by Elizabeth Debold

    An Interview with Joel R. Primack and Nancy Ellen Abrams

    Ever since Copernicus proved that the universe doesn’t revolve around Earth, humanity’s place in the cosmos has steadily continued to shrink. But according to physicist Joel Primack and cultural philosopher Nancy Abrams, we may be far more central to the universe than we think. EnlightenNext speaks with this dynamic husband-and-wife duo about the fascinating ways in which science is coming to understand our true cosmic significance, revealing a surprising new context in which to answer the perennial spiritual questions: Who are we? and Why are we here?

    Apr 13, 2011 | 0 comments | Read Post

  • The Genesis Device

    The Genesis Device

    by Tom Huston

    Deep below the surface of the earth, the Large Hadron Collider is poised to answer scientists’ most pressing questions about the origin and structure of the universe. What new conceptions of the cosmos await us?

    Apr 13, 2011 | 0 comments | Read Post

  • The Narcissism Epidemic

    The Narcissism Epidemic

    by Joel Pitney

    An Interview with Jean M. Twenge

    There’s a plague sweeping our planet: Millions of individuals who grew up in the self-reflective afterglow of the 1960s are now hopelessly stuck on themselves. But it doesn’t have to be this way, says Dr. Jean Twenge, shining light on the difference between narcissism and true self-esteem.

    Apr 13, 2011 | 0 comments | Read Post

  • A Kosmic Roller-Coaster Ride

    A Kosmic Roller-Coaster Ride

    by Andrew Cohen

    Featuring Andrew Cohen and Ken Wilber

    What is the purpose of the universe? Is the evolutionary process God’s merry-go-round, repeating in infinite cycles, or is it a deadly serious endeavor charting ever-new ground? Metaphysical sparks fly between the Guru and the Pandit as they tackle some of the biggest questions that philosophers have wrestled with for millennia.

    Apr 13, 2011 | 0 comments | Read Post