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Fred Alan Wolf, Ph.D., is a consulting physicist, writer, and lecturer. He travels throughout the United States and the world lecturing on the new physics and consciousness. Dr. Wolf's fascination with the world of physics began one afternoon when he was at a local matinee as a child, and the newsreel revealed the awesome power and might of the world's first atomic explosion. This fascination continued, leading Wolf to study mathematics and physics.

In 1963, he received his Ph.D. in theoretical physics from UCLA and began researching the field of high atmospheric particle behavior following a nuclear explosion. Wolf's inquiring mind has delved into the relationship between human consciousness, psychology, physiology, the mystical, and the spiritual. His investigations have taken him from intimate discussions with physicist David Bohm to the magical and mysterious jungles of Peru, from master classes with Nobel Laureate Richard Feynman to the high deserts of Mexico, from a significant meeting with Werner Heisenberg to the hot coals of a firewalk.

Wolf is best known for his contributions through technical papers and popular books, but he is frequently in demand as a lecturer, keynote speaker, and consultant to industry and the media. Wolf is well known for his simplification of the new physics and is perhaps best known as the author of Taking the Quantum Leap which, in 1982, was the recipient of the prestigious National Book Award for Science. He is also the author of The Eagle's Quest, Parallel Universes, and The Dreaming Universe. Published in May 1994, The Dreaming Universe has been described as "the most important book on the nature and significance of dreams since Freud's The Interpretation of Dreams." The Eagle's Quest: A Physicist's Search for Truth in the Heart of the Shamanic World describes in a visionary, autobiographical style the author's interactions with shamans the world over, and brings to bear his insights into the overlap of the modern physicist's view of reality with the shaman's.

Former professor of physics at San Diego State University, Wolf lectures, researches, and teaches worldwide. Wolf has also appeared as the resident physicist on the Discovery Channel's The Know Zone and on many radio talk shows and television shows across the United States and abroad.

selected books

Yoga of Time Travel: How the Mind Can Defeat Time
(Quest Books, 2004)
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Mind into Matter: A New Alchemy of Science and Spirit
(Moment Point Press, 2000)
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The Spiritual Universe: One Physicist's Vision of Spirit, Soul, Matter, and Self
(Moment Point Press; 1st pbk. edition, 1998)
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The Dreaming Universe: A Mind-Expanding Journey into the Realm Where Psyche and Physics Meet
(Touchstone; 1 Touchstone edition, 1995)
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The Eagle’s Quest: A Physicist’s Search for Truth in the Heart of the Shamanic World
(Touchstone; Reprint edition, 1992)
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Parallel Universes
(Simon & Schuster; Reprint edition, 1990)
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The Body Quantum: The New Physics of Body, Mind and Health
(Macmillan Pub Co, 1986)
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Taking the Quantum Leap
(HarperCollins Publishers; 1st ed edition 1981)
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selected video, audio, dvd

Dr. Quantum Presents: A User's Guide To Your Universe
Audio CD (Sounds True, 2005)
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