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Dadi Janki has pioneered, exemplified, and shared a structured and disciplined method of spiritual development that has had a profound impact on the lives of millions across the world.

Dadi Janki joined the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University in 1937 at the age of 21, and soon became one of India's first female spiritual leaders. Transcending established norms of religion, society, and culture, she has taken universal spiritual truths, worked with them in the laboratory of her own life, and translated them into practical tools for improving the human condition.

Since 1974, when she left India for the first time to base herself in London, England, she has overseen the establishment of centers teaching meditation and spirituality in 84 countries. She has also launched and directed projects that helped people in 129 countries to contribute to a better world by rekindling their higher vision and values.

In the 1980s Dadi's role gained further prominence when the Brahma Kumaris were given affiliation at the United Nations as a Non-Governmental Organization. In 1986 Dadi launched the Brahma Kumaris Million Minutes of Peace Appeal. This appeal collected not money from people but minutes of peace and quiet reflection. It was so successful that it became the largest non-fundraising project for the United Nations during the UN International Year of Peace. In 1988 at the House of Lords, Dadi launched Global Cooperation for a Better World, the first United Nations Peace Messenger Initiative. This project collected the visions of people in over 120 countries for positive change. Many of those visions subsequently became reality.

In the early 1990s Dadi's wisdom and contribution to peace were formally recognized when she was invited to be one of the Keepers of Wisdom, a group of eminent spiritual leaders convened at large UN gatherings to provide a spiritual perspective on critical areas of concern in the world.

Now, as Joint Administrative Head of the Brahma Kumaris, she travels extensively, enabling leaders from the worlds of politics, religion, medicine, science, education, psychology, and other fields, as well as individuals at every level in society, to absorb spiritual strength by renewing their own link with God.

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Wings of Soul: Releasing Your Spiritual Identity
(HCI, 1999)
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Pearls of Wisdom
(HCI, 1999)
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