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For almost two decades, Chris Parish has been studying and introducing others to the Evolutionary Enlightenment teachings of spiritual teacher Andrew Cohen. In association with Cohen, the founder and editor in chief of What Is Enlightenment? magazine, he has been developing a process for individuals to come together to explore—and literally co-create—the leading edge of consciousness. Parish has led these “Enlightened Communication” forums, ranging in size from six to sixty people, in the U.S., the U.K., and other European countries.

During the past thirteen years, Parish has directed the London Centre of EnlightenNext, the organization dedicated to supporting the development of Cohen's teaching work. He is currently directing EnlightenNext's new, state-of-the-art facility in London, which houses conference facilities, meditation space, a publishing house, and offices. The new centre offers opportunities for engaging with the Evolutionary Enlightenment teachings and provides a forum for thought leaders from emerging fields such as collective intelligence.

Parish also manages EnlightenNext centres in Paris, Amsterdam, and Copenhagen. Before he met Cohen in 1986, Parish was on the Board of Directors of Gaia House Meditation Centre in Totnes, England.

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EnlightenNext is a not-for-profit educational organization founded in 1988 to explore and promote the spiritual and ethical philosophy of Andrew Cohen.

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