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Cheri Huber is a student and teacher in the Soto Zen tradition. She has devoted 30 years to helping people free themselves from suffering and enjoy the lives that are their birthright. Her gentleness, clarity, and humor support the challenging work of spiritual growth. She is the author of 17 books including There Is Nothing Wrong with You; The Depression Book (she has been acknowledged as the country’s foremost expert on depression and spirituality); Time-Out For Parents; and the recently released audio-retreat, Unconditional Self-Acceptance.

Cheri founded the Mountain View Zen Center and the Zen Monastery Practice Center in California. She conducts workshops and retreats at these centers and at venues around the U.S. and internationally. She has an internet-based weekly call-in radio show, Open Air. Cheri is a member of Social Venture Network, a national organization that combines social responsibility, spirituality, and business. Cheri Huber is founder and director of Living Compassion, a nonprofit organization dedicated to bringing peace and compassion to all aspects of life.

selected books

The Zen Monastery Cookbook: Stories and Recipes from a Zen Kitchen
(Keep-It-Simple, 2003)

Suffering Is Optional: Three Keys to Freedom and Joy
(Keep-It-Simple, 2002)

There Is Nothing Wrong with You: Going Beyond Self-Hate
(Keep-It-Simple; Revised edition, 2001)

There Is Nothing Wrong with You for Teens
(Keep-It-Simple, 2001)

How to Get from Where You Are to Where You Want to Be
(Hay House, 2000)

Sweet Zen: Dharma Talks from Cheri Huber
(Keep-It-Simple, 2000)

Sex and Money: Are Dirty, Aren't They?
(Keep-It-Simple, 1999)

The Key: And the Name of the Key Is Willingness
(Keep-It-Simple; Revised edition, 1999)

Be the Person You Want to Find: Relationship and Self-Discovery
(Keep-It-Simple, 1997)

Good Life: A Zen Precepts Retreat with Cheri Huber
(Keep-It-Simple, 1997)

Nothing Happens Next: Responses to Questions About Meditation
(Keep-It-Simple; Reissue edition, 1995)

The Fear Book: Facing Fear Once and for All
(Keep-It-Simple, 1995)

Trying to Be Human: Zen Talks from Cheri Huber
(Keep-It-Simple, 1995)

Time-Out for Parents: A Compassionate Approach to Parenting
(Center for the Practice of Zen Buddhist Meditation, 1994)

That Which You Are Seeking Is Causing You to Seek
(Keep-It-Simple, 1990)

The Depression Book: Depression As an Opportunity for Spiritual Practice
(Cliffs Notes, 1990)

How You Do Anything Is How You Do Everything: A Workbook
(Keep-It-Simple, 1988)

selected video, audio, dvd

Unconditional Self Acceptance
Audio CD (Sounds True, 2005)

The Secret Is There Are No Secrets: An Introduction to Zen Meditation
Video (1997)
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The Secret Is There Are No Secrets: An Introduction to Zen Meditation
DVD (Openings, 2004)
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