Meditation + Evolution

Every Tuesday evening, 7.00 - 8.30pm


Get a taste of the EnlightenNext Discovery Cycle every Tuesday at the UK Centre in Islington. Our Meditation + Evolution evenings convey the rich nature of Evolutionary Enlightenment through an exploration of the two fundamental aspects of self and reality: being and becoming.

This is conveyed through an experiential immersion in the timeless ground of being via a guided meditation. Then you learn how this direct experience of meditation can help us to awaken to the freedom of our Authentic Self, the unconditioned evolutionary impulse that is the very life force within us. An important part of the evening is the lively group discussion that follows which brings to life the many facets of evolutionary spirituality that are presented and how this relates to the true nature of engaged practice.


Both an introduction to and an ever-deepening engagement with Evolutionary Enlightenment, these evenings are led by committed spiritual practitioners with many years of experience. They also provide a great way to connect with a community of like-minded individuals who are seeking deeper meaning in their lives and know that spiritual practice and being engaged in the world in a meaningful way go hand-in-hand.


These popular events begin at 7.00pm cost £5 per session. Immediately after the programme, at 8.30pm, the conversation continues over a delicious vegetarian dinner in our Centre restaurant (£7).


Listen to audio clips from previous Meditation + Evolution evenings.


Tuesday Topics


23 February - The Goal is not Peace
Perfect peace is commonly thought of as the goal of spiritual life. We question the truth of that; based on a theme from EnlightenNext magazine.

2 March - The Evolution of God
We look at our changing conception of God through the ages; based on a dialogue between Michael Beckwith and Andrew Cohen.

9 March - The Power of Your Own Intention
Getting clear on your intention is the key to evolving.

16 March - What is an Evolutionary Perspective?
'This can change your life!' is an all too common claim made nowadays. What is it about an evolutionary perspective that can change your life like nothing else?

Being & Becoming Retreat 2010 Colorado, USA

Retreat I: Being - 1-12 Aug
Retreat II: Becoming - 12-23 Aug


The Being & Becoming Retreat, a three-week intensive, is the anchor of the EnlightenNext Discovery Cycle. Divided into two portions that can be attended individually or altogether, the retreat is devoted to exploring the timeless ground of being in meditation and the evolution of culture through becoming and creative engagement with others.

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ISSUE 46 / SPRING-SUMMER 2010: Quantum Dreams

Featuring: Stuart Hameroff, Marilyn Schlitz, Michael Grosso, Henry Stapp, Ken Wilber, Andrew Cohen, and Robert J. Sawyer. Plus: Gary Lachman on the extraordinary life of integral theorist Jean Gebser; a profile of evolutionary author Michael Wombacher; Ross Robertson on the new environmental revolution; an interview with The Future of God author Robert Wright; and more.

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